How to install glass pool tile

glass pool tile

Finishing the pool with a glass pool tile with your own hands is divided into several stages:

  • Preparing the base of the bowl for finishing. To ensure that the walls of the pool do not let the liquid pass through, it is necessary to seal them before laying the tiles. This is done with the help of special penetrating mixtures, primers, mastics. After applying waterproofing, the surface is leveled with a sandy-concrete composition and water-repellent plaster.  
  • Paving the concrete mosaic pool begins after the surface of the walls is completely dry. The tiles are glued to a special adhesive. The choice of glue depends on the facing material and the use of the pool bowl. It can be expensive, time-consuming and most durable epoxy adhesive. Or it can be a cement-based glue with various additives. In any case, the adhesive for laying tiles in the pool should be waterproof and by its composition remain soft and elastic even after complete drying.
  • Grout joints are made in the color of the tiles or different from it. Grout mixture is used waterproofing for finishing inside swimming pools. On the surface of the joint of such grout does not form fungus, and water can not corrode the structure of the composition. Due to this, the concrete base of the bowl is protected from destruction by moisture penetration into microcracks.

Laying technology of mosaic tiles

Finishing with a mosaic of the pool is carried out in horizontal rows and begins with the walls. It is better and faster to do it in several hands. To ensure that the rows of tiles were parallel to each other use beacons. Use plumb strips and nails to install vertical screeds. The laying of mosaic tiles for the pool is time-consuming and requires skills. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to professionals. But if you still decided to perform the facing yourself, you need to know some rules of work with such a complex material.

Tricky tile

Mosaic tiles for swimming pool fragmentary, this is the only tile with which you can create a mural and even a picture with a 3D effect. This work is time-consuming and laborious, which requires not only professionalism, but also creativity and quite high-paying. But the final result will exceed your expectations. Such a design looks very impressive in a swimming pool. The convenience of mosaic tiles is that it can be cut with a knife or scissors and fit even in very difficult places in the pool. It takes the shape of the place where it is placed. Whether it is a convex step or a concave corner.  

glass pool tile

Marking the lines

Work with mosaic tiles for the pool begins with the drawing of the markings on the wall, it is necessary for visual perception. Even if it will not be a pattern, but simply a smooth transition from one color to another. Putting a tile on the marking will be much easier. To ensure that the tiles lie parallel to each other, a fishing line is stretched between the lighthouses. The best solution for displaying a pattern is its preliminary layout on the surface of the floor. And then transferring it to the area where it will be located.

Working with glue

The glue is applied to the wall with a fluted trowel, in the limit of one square meter and on the front surface of the tiles. This will allow the tiles to be laid on a fresh mix. The best glue for mosaic tiles is considered latex cement-based. It is strong enough and such a glue is easy to work with. The glue has light shades, and does not spoil the appearance of the facing material.

Laying the tile

The mosaic tile for the pool is laid both horizontally and vertically. So it is easier to control its even laying and build a color solution. The tiles are sunk into the adhesive and smoothed with a roller, iron or bar. When the glue sets, after about fifteen minutes, the upper paper base is moistened with a wet sponge and the paper layer is removed. After completing the work on the walls begin to finish the floor. The floor tiles are laid from the center in a circle.

Grouting the seams

After all the tiles are laid, the glue is given two days to dry. Proceed to the next stage of the work – this is grouting the joints. Grout is chosen in the color of the tiles or vice versa, to highlight the texture. But it is important that the mixture was waterproof, easy to clean, does not fade and is not subject to degradation under the influence of chemicals and chlorine. Typically, for pool tiling with mosaics used cement-based grout, it is durable and anti-skid. Grout diluted in a small amount, to avoid thickening of the mixture. Apply with a regular trowel and grout. The main thing is not to let the grouting material dry out completely, this will make it difficult to remove it further. Wipe the tile with a damp cloth should be fifteen minutes after application. By the way, for effect, you can add silver or gold glitter to the grout. Then the tile will sparkle under the sunlight with all the colors of the rainbow.

Advantages of mosaic tiles

Mosaic glass tile is considered the most durable and best for pool design. Glass has a 100% water repellent effect, which allows the mosaic glass tiles to withstand very low temperatures in winter. Protects the pool mosaic not only from the cold, but is a good waterproofing for its walls. In addition, many small elements connected together allows the tiles to be flexible, so it is able to withstand high water pressure. On the glass does not settle dirt, do not form plaque and algae. Therefore, it is very easy to take care of.

The disadvantage of mosaic tiles

The only disadvantage is the price of the material, which is much higher than ceramic mosaic tiles for the pool. As well as expensive to pay for the work of installers.

But despite this, mosaic tiles enjoy great popularity in the finishing of ponds. It is very beautiful and spectacular. And uniquely such a pool will be a decoration on your site. In addition, the finish glass mosaic will give one hundred percent confidence that you will not need to restore the pool even a few decades. But it is desirable to choose a tile from foreign manufacturers, with a guarantee on the material. If you have decided on the choice and color solution, then good luck in your endeavors. The main thing is not to be afraid and you are sure everything will work out!