How to do fused glass art

fused glass art

Handmade products continue to gain popularity. It is always unique and of the highest quality. Let’s talk about such type of needlework as fused glass art. Simply speaking, the processing of glass with fire.

Incredibly beautiful beads are the result of such work.

What is fused glass art?

At the end of XI century glass and glassware became common in Europe. The homeland of glassmaking is the island of Murano (Italy). And fused glass art was born and began to develop in the beautiful, inimitable and sophisticated Venice.

Nowadays miniature fused glass art jewelry is at the peak of popularity. Each of us would not mind adorning his or her image with unique fused glass art jewelry, which are striking for their uniqueness.

Historical facts

The development of the glass industry entailed the spread of different creative trends. Fused glass art is one of them.

The manufacture of glass beads in different forms can be traced back to ancient Syria. Around 1800 BC, the first manufactories to produce glass jewelry appeared.

According to legends, these items were gifts for faults, sins and transgressions. The glass stones were used by craftsmen to make amulets, aklets, jewelry and even decoration.

Beads were made by pressing them into the simplest clay moulds. The final product could be of different colors.

In Ancient Egypt, amulets made of glass were considered the most effective. By the number of ornaments you could determine the social status of the owner.

It was in Ancient Egypt at the excavations for the first time a piece of colored glass was found. It is considered the first man-made glass object.

Many thousands of years later the Czech masters from the Crystal Valley launched the production of glassware. They developed the technique of cutting and enamel coating of fused glass art beads. This was a new stage in the development of fused glass art.

When you see for the first time the incredible patterns on the small glass beads, it is impossible to imagine that you can make them yourself. Despite the fact that the technique is complicated, the pleasure from the process of creating such miniatures the master gets huge. Enough to develop their skills hobby become a profitable business.

So began its history the company, the creator of the fashion brand of jewelry, Pandora.

Tools for the home workshop

Almost all beginners create a workspace at home. For products in the fused glass art technique, special tools and materials will be needed:

  1. Gas burner. This is a key tool for work. With the help of a gas burner (the gas can be oxygen or propane) the process of melting glass takes place;
  2. Spire. Masters call it “mandrel”. It is needed for winding the molten glass;
  3. Spatulas made of graphite. With their help glass is given the necessary shapes in the molten state;
  4. Muffle furnaces. This is not mandatory equipment. Analogous is a ceramic blanket. It is necessary for the even cooling of beads;
  5. Glass rods of different colors. This is the main consumable material;
  6. Oxygen or propane in cylinders;
  7. Frits and stringers. These are the decor elements – crumb glass for various patterns and thin strings.
  8. Work process
  9. Prepared the work area, purchased the inventory. Let’s start the process of creating fantastic beauty.

Always remember about your own safety – wear protective goggles and a respirator.

Warm up the end of the rod over a torch and twist it on a needle. The resulting lump melt in the flame of the burner. It quickly gets the desired shape with recesses inside. Only hot glass can be decorated and create from it different shapes. This is done with an awl and constant motion.

fused glass art

What will come out of it?

The imagination of the masters has no limits!

Beads come in the form of flowers, animals, vegetables, fruits, fish, sweets. The most incredible shapes and colors come out of the hands of skilled creators in the technique of fused glass art.

Jewelry made of such glass fused glass art beads can be modest, made of a single exquisite bead, or voluminous, eye-catching necklaces, rings, beads, earrings, brooches, bracelets.

Such exclusive items will be a wonderful present for yourself, your nearest and dearest!